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Ah, where to begin.   My first beer is a good place.  Sneaking beer to go out camping in the woods of Kentucky was commonplace back then in the early 80's.  I used to think of Old Milwaukee as "beer", and technically, I guess it is.  It was (and still is) made with malted barley and hops and had alcohol.  It did the job fine back then.  But, as I matured, my love for good beer grew.  Many college parties, and many beers later, I had grown to enjoy a wide variety of beers.  I learned that opting for a 6-pack of good beer was a better plan than crushing a case of ordinary beer.  The flavor was everything.  Can I tilt a mass produced lager while watching a game?  You bet.  But, my preference is to enjoy my beer for the flavor, not drink it down in mass for the effects.  In talking with one of my fellow naked brewers, Jim, we started talking about brewing beer.  We both had enough supplies that we could cobble together a decent set up with which to brew.  We brewed the cherry chocolate stout, our first beer, and fermented it in a glass carboy in my basement.  We force carbonated it some weeks later and tried it out.  The body and flavor exceeded our expectations.  In short, it was a damn good beer.  We tried other recipes and had similar results. 

A few years ago, we started thinking, how hard would it be to start a brewery?  Well, it turns out, pretty damn hard.  Jim is a heck of a brewer and sensational at making wonderful toys.  I am a pretty good brewer as well, and an absolute freak about the details.  Our combination of abilities and disorders worked perfect together.  We started to move the process forward.

Once our wives figured out that we were serious about this, they both decided not to leave us (they should both be commended for this) and supported us in our endeavor.  All of the pieces had fallen into place, our brewery was born, The Naked Brewing Company. 

Thank you for checking in on us, and ask yourself this question, have you got naked lately? 
Jim - Brewer/Steamfitter (circa 1990)

       Brian - Brewer/Mathematician (circa 1983)

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