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Thursday January 26, 2017

After passing by the brewery sign so often we finally had a chance to pop in and taste the eclectic choices of beer Naked has on tap and we weren't disappointed. A lot of winning flavors there...we'll definitely be back!...u heard of 'mic drop'?...well now it's 'MUG RAISED!


Wednesday December 28, 2016

Two years ago I had one of the best nights of my life when my son brought me to your establishment and I fell in love with your Sol Lunatic. I hope you bring it back soon.


Sunday October 9, 2016

Can't say enough about the great selection and awesome flavors and aromas. Have not had a bad one yet. Quite a ride for me but well worth it.

John Sansone

Sunday June 26, 2016

I got Naked today I'm sure no one's said that before !! Had the Pale Ale today at the Village tavern. Better than any APA I've had in a long while. Keep it real !


Sunday June 26, 2016

Sampled some awesome brews at the Washington Crossing Brew Fest in Bucks County, PA. Can't wait to try the Pomegranate Wheat next time. FYI: you might want to get naked after having a couple of these beers.


Sunday June 26, 2016

you guys stole the show at the phillly beer expo in the naval yard! by far the most unique and tasty beers ! you have a new fan! Thanks for the hard work!

Will Kester

Sunday June 26, 2016

Currently enjoying a Gentlemen Imperial Stout. Toured your place on Saturday with Brad Forman. Tasted good beer and met good people.

Rich Neil

Sunday June 26, 2016

Sitting here in sunny Flordia sipping a ice cold Saison and loving every minute of it!!!! I have to savor every drop as I can't run out to my local watering hole and get a refill, somebody needs to "Export" to the Southern States!!! P.S. "Big John" would love it also.

Bruce Williamson

Sunday June 26, 2016

Had the chance to sample a few of your beers at the War of the Worts I didn't win but I like my beers anyway. I'll have to stop up there and maybe get a growler of your pale ale.


Sunday June 26, 2016

That Pomegranate Wheat beer was outstanding at the navy yard beer fest. I will definitely be paying you guys a visit with growler in hand.

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