About Us

Jim Crossland

I got bit by the brewing bug in college in the early nineties. Back before the internet, armed with my copy of
The Joy of Homebrewing and a local homebrew shop, I started creating beers for my friends and myself that
would compete with “The Beast”. My early influences were breweries like Sierra Nevada and Anchor Steam,
as well as local breweries Nodding Head and Dock Street.

Being a social brewer I have enjoyed making beers with many different friends over the years, but it was
always a hobby. That changed when Brian and I started brewing together in 2009. We decided to take it
to the next level, and with input from the many great home brewers from Ale-iens Home Brew Club and
The Hulmeville Inn, we refined our beers and debuted them at the Newtown Beer Fest in 2011. The positive
response gave us more confidence and we decided to go for it. We were licensed in Brian’s garage on
April Fool’s Day 2012, and within a few months we moved to our present location here on Buck Rd in
Lower Southampton Township.

Brian Sucevic

Ah, where to begin. My first beer is a good place. Sneaking beer to go out camping in the woods of Kentucky
was commonplace back then in the early 80’s. I used to think of Old Milwaukee as “beer”, and technically, I
guess it is. It was (and still is) made with malted barley and hops and had alcohol. It did the job fine
back then. But, as I matured, my love for good beer grew. Many college parties, and many beers later, I had
grown to enjoy a wide variety of beers. I learned that opting for a 6-pack of good beer was a better plan than
crushing a case of ordinary beer. The flavor was everything. Can I tilt a mass produced lager while watching
a game? You bet. But, my preference is to enjoy my beer for the flavor, not drink it down in mass for
the effects. In talking with one of my fellow naked brewers, Jim, we started talking about brewing beer.
We both had enough supplies that we could cobble together a decent set up with which to brew. We brewed
the cherry chocolate stout, our first beer, and fermented it in a glass carboy in my basement. We force
carbonated it some weeks later and tried it out. The body and flavor exceeded our expectations. In short,
it was a damn good beer. We tried other recipes and had similar results.